Month: September 2016

Serious Sams  – More Serious Shots!

Seeing as how you liked the first batch so much… We’re well chuffed, us. It seems that loads of you were mad for our collection of Serious Sam screenshots, especially when you worked out that they were from a preview alpha and not from the test version.

So, we’ve decided to pass on a few more to keep you going until next week’s preview. Not that many, mind you; we don’t want to spoil the game for anyone, and we don’t want to engulf you in a tide of screenshot diarrhoea. We’ve taken loads of shots, but we’ve sorted through them and hand-picked our favourites. Note a couple of weapons that no-one’s cottoned onto yet; there’s a meaty laser rifle and an utterly devastating cannon. Which fires cannonballs. It’s great.

We’ve also been talking to our friends at Take 2 about what’s going to be in the final version of Sam, since many of you have been asking what’s happened to the non-Egyptian stuff that appears in many of Croteam’s shots. The answer is that Sam’s now going to be set entirely in Egypt (although as the shots show, it’s not all bright sunlight and pyramids), however there might be some other-worldly locations added for multiplayer purposes. Our man at Take 2 reckons that Sam will be travelling elsewhere in add-on packs or sequels.

Oh, and thanks to the people on the VoodooExtreme messageboard who solved our little mouselook problem. Seems that the lagginess was caused by having mouse smoothing turned on. We’ve turned it off and it’s worked a treat. Cheers, fellas.

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