As you can see at this point there are many marketers and sellers over the internet making business. They use PayPal as there method of transaction, due to secure, hassle free and easy to send money and receive money online But how Avoid PayPal Money Transfer Currency Conversion Fees This is always the problem for a lot of people who lives on another countries the currency conversion fees, they usually double pay PayPal which is not that good for me I don’t know about the other . Almost all countries are accessible to PayPal services and translation system will take place or generate language for locals. The process become easier and flexible, user takes advantage of the benefits offered by the PayPal

How much does PayPal charge for international transactions?

Sales within the US 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction
International sales 4.4% transaction fee plus a fixed fee based on currency received
So expect to get higher Fees when you live not from the US

How long does it take to send PayPal internationally To Your Bank Account?

Transferring money from US to any other countries of the world takes only 2 to 4 days I have done this several times and its bee like 6 years doing it. Either I get paid or I send money but this one is about Sending PayPal money to your bank account but if from PayPal to PayPal its instant. So same with renting

Countries Paypal Prohibited

Burma (Myanmar)
Cote d’Ivoire
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Liberia (Former Regime of Charles Taylor)
Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions
North Korea
Sierra Leone
Western Balkans

The PayPal support other currencies or converting other currencies to put it in every users account balance. Sending payment is easy as clicking buttons, you have to click send or fill out some request form and you have to precise and much more details when doing any transaction.
When transaction is done or the payment is in process the conversion is automatically will choose what currency you like. Once this is successful the users will instantly receive email notification that payment or sending process is successful.

When converting your money PayPal will automatically calculate currency conversion process or perhaps exchange rate and PayPal will take the charge fee for every processes.
Some users really frustrated about the conversion method of PayPal, they stick on the normal rate and not in the recent rate of PayPal. This is where the part they take profit in a silent manner. A 2.5 percent of service charge fees is big enough but the worst part they don’t give you foreign currency if you don’t agree with their regulations and policy privacy.

PayPal is good for personal use but when it come to business they are not because they suck a lot of profit when you use them as your payment transaction. Many people can tell that they were deceive and PayPal taking advantage with the hidden fees that they get for their clients. When you think of the process of business accounts it is somewhat greedy.

Before you go for any transaction for PayPal make sure you understand everything that the meant for their policy privacy and service fees, they do this due to fluctuation of supply demands and companies or business doesn’t want to do hassle thing But Nothing to worry about that they are very good with their policy they really provide protection to buyers and to sellers as well. But you need money in your PayPal to transact online and the hardest part of that is that you need a credit card first to be connected to your account so that you can get any amount depending on that stuff you pay for But that surely takes some time to do that. But if you want the fastest way you can get free PayPal money by just working for somebody online, like coding, creating videos, graphics writing and a lot more. So in exchange to your skills you can have money in your PayPal without the need of credit cards.

The best part of eBay when you suing PayPal is that they care too much for eBay users and they providing services with full transparency due to PayPal and EBay are joint for business purposes and this area is a win-win situation.